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Do bloggers own the copyrights of their writings or does?

  1. Do bloggers own the copyrights of their writings or does?
    Blog url:

  2. The answer is we bloggers own our content. Please read the ToS to confirm that.

    P.S. There is no "www" in any URL.

  3. There are several steps that you can take in order to prevent your material from being used in an unauthorized manner. see >

  4. From an intellectual law perspective WordPress owns the template and all the associated ‘tools’ for ‘us’ to create and use the blog. As far as who owns the material that we users populate into that WordPress template belongs to the true owner. This can be you the user, as the original creator or author, or that that you purchased to put on the blog eg. photographs, videos, music files, exerts from books etc.
    To protect your own intellectual property and acknowledge the intellectual property that you either purchased or received written permission from others (photographs, videos, music files, exerts from books) simply add a ‘legals’ page to your blog saying so.

  5. simonxmhu,
    I would be happy to forward you some examples of such a 'disclaimer' but please note that I cannot provide any legal advice.

  6. @mandmca
    Thanks in advance for removing the primary blog link to your username. Your blog has mature content and we have chlidren here. Please read this >

  7. grandsupercycle


    I have some intellectual property knowledge (but i'm not a lawyer)
    Unless stated elsewhere and agreed to by all parties it's the originator of the work (you) who retains copyright.

    And beware of intellectual property infringement by other bloggers...

  8. timethief,
    What content are you specifically referring to?

  9. Hi timethief,

    My blog does not mature material. What are you referring to?

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