Do Blogs expire?

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    I am starting this blog as a class assignment and was told by my instructor to be careful that my blogs do not expire and get removed after 30 days. She stated this is common with wordpress. I have to have the blogs I post available for the duration of the course so if they do expire is there anyway that I can change the settings to keep them on longer?

    The blog I need help with is



    Any help would be appreciated!



    No, they do not expired. I’ve been with WP.COM for more than six years and have never heard of a blog being removed for anything other than violation of Terms of Service, or when owners delete their blogs.



    Outside of a Terms of Service violation – blogs here are set to expire at the end of WordPress.COM (but you could transfer to another host) or the end of the internet

    i.e. – you do not need to use a blog – no requirement to Post at all

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