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Do comments rank in search engine?

  1. Hi,

    I have a question for anyone who 100% knows the answer.

    When I make a post, do the 'reply comments' to the post get spidered by the search engines...or is it just the actual post that gets spidered? (or both?)

    I look forward to your reply.


  2. The comments get spidered. Just checked in Google.

  3. Thanks judyb12.

    One more questions if someone doesn't mind.

    In one of my posts, there are over 50 comments dating back from 6th about 5 weeks ago. I just went to google and typed in a sentence from the earliest comment and put the " " comments around it...but nothing. Am I abit ambitious wanting a comment to appear that was posted 5 weeks ago?

    Thanks to whomever answers.


  4. Google doesn't index everything. Far from it actually. :)

    I am curious though. What's the URL of the page you're trying to find and which comment in there are you looking at? I'm wondering if maybe the spiders just haven't reindexed the page since that comment was left.

    We've noticed in teh past that MSN seems to index quicker and a fair more completer than Google does.

  5. Google does their updating four times annually. FWIW the last update I'm aware of was on January 11th.

  6. TT, that's something different. They're constantly updating their databases. External numbers (ie Public viewable PR, links, etc) only gets updated every so often.

    Content gets updated constantly. One of the reasons why they have so many datacenters as they can do one series after another.

  7. Hi drmike,

    Thanks for checking this out for me. Here is thelink I make reference to. You'll see there are quite a few comments. I took a sentence out of the first post to see if would appear.

    I'm haven't quite got my head around all the search engine stuff yet...but the blog seems to get quite a few hits, so i'm trying to learn it.

    One more thing... should I submit each of my categories to the ping website and serach engines, or will this automatically happen?



  8. Oops! sorry :(

  9. Well that one's easy because it's not in the system: See?

    But, to answer your question, here's a link to one of the sentences from a comment in another Post.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Oh. Thanks for that answer.

    So do I manually submit it to the search engine...or just wait for it to be naturally found?

    Also, can you solve another question I have anyone?

    If you were a search engine spider, would you prefer if my posts and comments were all continuous, or wouldn't you mind if I had 'paragraphs', thus creating breaks in the html?

    You can tell i'm a novice who's been reading endless 'stuff' on the internet about being 'spider friendly' are correct. I won't harass you after this question. I'm getting over 150 page views per day, so my excitement level is abit high right now...i'm sure you can all relate (I have to kick myself, i'm addicted to looking at my stats every hour and it's annoying me. If I couldn't kick myself in the forehead with the point of my shoe..I would)

    Thanks anyone who takes the time to answer.


  11. I'd vote for natually found. Rather strange that that post didn't get picked up though.

    It's moot anyway. The blog's been ToSed for being an SEO splog.

  12. The comments gets spidered for sure. You can try to write a really strange word in a comment (make sure it is not common in any language), and a few weeks or months later search on that word in Google. The word should rank high if it is spidered, because it has no or almost no competition.

    A comment my brother made on my blog showed up a few months later as one of the top Google results on his name. He has a rare family name (like me). After that I have been more careful, and filter or edit out special last names from comments to make sure they are low ranking in search on names :-)

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