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Do enjoyment and money always have to go together?

  1. Hi there! Why do people always think of enjoyment and money in the same breath?Aren't there so many enjoyable things in life that can brighten our spirits and enrich our lives without us having to spend a dime?
    What are your inexpensive forms of enjoyment?Let me start off:
    Eating a strawberry cone ice cream always makes me happy
    I enjoy writing a blog post.
    Reading mails from loved friends and family.
    Walking barefoot on the green grass in the park.......
    I'm sure you have more to add....go ahead and tell us why you feel real enjoyment need not be expensive always!
    Don't forget to chk out my latest blogpost which also tells of some more of my inexpensive fav pastimes
    Life is like an Ice cream :
    Comments/Suggestions/feedback warmly welcome!

    The blog I need help with is

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