Do followers still get email updates from a private blog?

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    Hi! I’ve recently privatised my blog and only those whom I’ve personally invited have access to my blog. However, before I privatised my blog, I’ve had several people following/subscribing to my blog and they used to get email notifications each time I posted. May I know if these followers/subscribers still continue to get the updates even though my blog is now privatised? Also, I can’t seem to delete my followers – is there a way to do so?



    First off, you can’t delete followers, but because you made a public blog private, they are still visible to you. That doesn’t mean that the blog is visible to them. Unless they are invited (and have accepted their invitations) they will just see the screen asking them to request an invitation. If you get a request like that from someone you don’t want to invite, you can just ignore it.

    As for the email issue, if the people are following your blog and are also signed up for email then they will still get updates, however, you might want to also look at answers to a similar question I asked earlier on, myself:



    Hi, thanks for the reply! Just to clarify: does that mean that people who are not invited to read my blog but have previously signed up for email (before my blog was privatised) will still get updates?


    I had a look for you, and there’s this which should help:

    By the way, a tip for you on searching for info. Go to Google search and put this:

    Then directly after that, put the keywords for the question you want info about. To find the answer I gave you just now, I put these:

    private blogs



    Thank you very much, that really helped :)


    You’re welcome

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