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Do I find this funny just because I wrote it or is it sort of funny?

  1. I know everyone has a different sense of humor, but i was proud of this post. I thought it was clever and funny, does anyone else...or am I being premature and maybe I should wait until more people find my blog.....? Or is it, well just not funny?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh never mind,. I got rid of the post :)

  3. I really hope this doesn’t come across as patronising and it’s not meant to be, but will most likely sound that way.

    In the first post of your topic you said this.

    “ i was proud of this post. I thought it was clever and funny,”

    That’s all that matters. You cannot try to pander to everyone’s tastes, if you think a thing is funny put it up. My blog tries to do comedy and sometimes it goes down like a lead zeppelin (good name for a band that) but I put it out there. If it bombs I go back and see why try to work out why that post didn’t pan out the way I wanted it too. Everyone here I real nice and will offer constructive criticism not just “post sux dudes”.

    Write what you want to write and let your audience find you. I’ve posted some really, really, criminally unfunny stuff on my Blog that I now see was terrible. I stand by it though because if it makes one person crack a smile at least I’m happy and it’s all part of the learning curve. Besdie it’sfun for me to go and wonder what the hell I was drinking at the time.

    Blog for the fun of it and, most importantly, fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

    I’d love to read your work.

  4. "If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia." Kurt Vonnegut

    This came from a list of good advice for short-story-writing.

    I imagine the same is true of blogging. :)

  5. why did you get rid of the post???

  6. Jack: Yes I did get rid of it, Maybe I shouldn't have but oh well, and hey thanks for trying to have a look anyway.

    thalastexplorer: thanks for the reply, you honestly made me feel alot better. I am struggling with trying to make sre people get my humor and son on, which is the wrong way to think. I'll just be me. By the way I did read some stuff you wrote, you have a nice blog and I probably laughed at stuff others might not. :)

  7. Thank you very much for your kind words. I'll be checking out your blog ASAP, now though sleep.

  8. I DID read that post before you removed it. I couldn't comment only because I am pretty limited about the actor/actresses I am familiar with. But I could see that it was a quality post and well thought out with pics and all. You show great taste in blogroll choices. Since that blogroll reflects you... I just KNOW that your posts are gonna be something I like. Just go for it! Really! The only time a post will be bad is if you are fake and not being true to yourself.

  9. Jack: sorry I didn't see you ask me why. I think I got rid of it because that was the first post I did that ridiculed anyone outright, even if it was harmless and funny. Part of me was bothered that I was poking fun at someone so after alot of thought, I decided that if it made me feel better to get rid of it, then get rid of it I should.

    The Last explorer: I hope you didn't fall asleep reading it, that can happen you know, a little warm milk, my blog and BAM. Seriously, hope you got some good sleep.

    Lifewithcats: Aw you are so nice. Your blog does too, reflect who you are. A serious cat lover who really wants to help improve the lives of cats everywhere, and you do it with humor and taste! I hope it is getting alot of attention. I have dubbed your land, "Don't you dare track that on mommies new shag rug, shake them paws off first"

    OMG I gave you a blog topic, litter habits, wait do you already have that?

  10. I hope the day I run out of ideas is very very far away. Thank you. I have dubbed you the 'box of chocolates blog'

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