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Do I get stats on imbedded mp3 plays?

  1. I'm planning on getting the space upgrade for my songwriting blog, but I had one concern before I jumped in. Right now, I just hotlink to a hosting site, which is inconvenient for my readers, but convenient for me, in that I can see which links they are clicking (and presumably which songs they're listening to). If I get the space upgrade and imbed my mp3s in my blog, will the plays I get show up on my stats page, or are they reported somewhere?

    Thanks for any help; I couldn't find anything about this in a shot-in-the-dark search of the forums.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Presumably it will count as Clicks, like any normal file upload from your blog

  3. I don't know how I missed the Stats section when I went through the support page, but it looks like it doesn't track views of uploaded documents or files. It wouldn't count as a Click, since it would 't be an offsite link.

  4. The stats do record clicks on files downloaded from the media library. Anything that's

  5. Thanks. I should really just put up the $20 and find out for myself. I'm assuming that, if I go for the space upgrade and upload mp3s into the blog, they'll be stream-able, rather than just for download, and it sounds like the streaming isn't counted.

  6. Hmmm... interesting problem. An option I can think of is for you to upload your mp3 files to something like YouTube, then embed it on your blog. YouTube counts the # of plays for you - so you'll get an idea of which songs are the most popular.

  7. I found this question while looking up alternatives. I currently use soundcloud ( to host my music and the associated soundcloud widget which has a fancy player as well as provides you stats. but it's limited to 3 hrs of music in total to be hosted and 100 downloads per file on a basic free account. try it out

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