Do I go with GP? TwentySeventeen & Elementor? GP & Elementor? GP Pro?

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    I’m still using the TwentySeventeen theme that I started my first ever WP site with. Now my site has grown in popularity I am ready to update the theme to get more control over simple things like customisable footers and header images plus just to make the design more appealing. But I’m getting confused with which way to proceed.

    I was going to move to GeneratePress. Then I heard about Elementor which I understand is not a theme but a page builder. After time spent researching the web, I’m still confused in what is best for me.

    Do I go with GP? TwentySeventeen & Elementor? GP & Elementor? GP Pro?

    I understand I can try each one but really hoping there is and must be someone out there with more experience and give me some advice here. I would like to just pick the best mix and then update my skills with it over time (instead of wasting time with one mix only to find one is even better).

    Any advice on what path I should take or explaining the differences between them would be more than appreciated.




    Hi @digsyfarm! Just to clarify, these forums are for the free sites using our managed hosting service, which can be quite different from running your own WordPress installation at another host.

    Our servers support the Block Editor (a page builder built into WP now), and we do have several Block-friendly themes. You’re welcome to test out a free site then upgrade if you want to move the domain here. The advantage is we take care of maintenance and security and what not, plus get WordPress support, exposure in our Reader, free SSL, etc.

    The disadvantage is that we do charge quite a bit more to allow outside themes and plugins (because they do cost us more to support!), so if you needed Elementor or other plugins, you’d need our Business or Ecommerce plan:

    Anyway, all that said, if you meant to post this to the community, here’s a link to the correct forums for self-managed sites:


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