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Do i have to get $1 only for every 1000 visit to my blog using wordads ?

  1. If i get it wrong can you explain it to me
    Blog url:

  2. I believe that you are right, 1000 views= 1$
    But....your blog seems to be...under construction. Don't you think it's too early to start thinking of how to make money with it?

  3. what are other ads programs that allowed to use with wordpress ?

  4. Absolutely none whatsoever. If you want to maximize ad earnings, research ad companies, then get your own paid hosting and apply for ad programs.

  5. Can you give an advice or a link for a good ad companies ad and paid hosting websites ?

  6. Yes, but I won't do it for free. Welcome to the world of for-profit internet.

  7. OK, tell me .

  8. OK, tell me then.

  9. Okay, give me $100. You can use the Paypal button on Once I've received the money, I will email you a response.

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