Do i Have to pay every year for theme.

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    Dear Team,
    Do i have pay only one time for theme which i buy from you OR do i need to pay every year for that theme ?

    If i have paid for that theme can i use use ur platform and forward my url ( example : ) to my domain.

    The blog I need help with is



    When I was looking for themes, I noticed it stated “one time buy” meaning I would not have to pay yearly.

    As for custom themes, you have to host your site through another company and not WordPress. (Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I think I’m right)


    When you purchase a premium theme, it is available for the lifetime of that blog. If you would like to use the same theme across multiple blogs, you’ll have to purchase the theme for each blog.



    Note: Premium Themes are customized for usage only, and cannot be transferred to self-hosted sites.

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