Do I need a host if I have my own domain name?

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    I have my own domain name and email address but wanted to make a site on WordPress for my artwork. I noticed that you can use your own domain name, for example, “” for $13 per year. If I go with this will it need to be hosted by the company where I got my domain or just use the domain mapping?
    I have little experience with designing websites and love my WordPress blog so I want to keep my new site simple.



    Web hosting is different from domain mapping. You can use the mapping upgrade to use your custom domain with a free blog, but the email management is separate, since doesn’t have mail servers.


    Thanks so much for the info.
    Ok, I understand about the domain mapping and email. So for what reasons would I need a web host for it and would I need to use if I did?



    If you domain map your custom domain name to your blog here at WordPress.COM – WordPress.COM will be your host as they are currently for any blogs here you have (


    Thanks so much for your help.
    I have a blog here and I understand that it is hosted by and I am paying only for the domain mapping.
    I want to make a site for my artwork and I was wondering why I would need to pay for a web host. Since posting this question I discovered “ vs” here and I believe it will help answer some of my questions also.


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    You won’t need to pay for a web host if you use your domain with a free-hosted site.

    If you want an online presence then you need three things:
    1. a domain name,
    2. software to make your site function,
    3. and hosting: someone to get your site online. has the software and will host your site with restrictions (see TOS). You pay to map your domain name to But makes sure your site is updated and works. has free software to make your site function, but you pay for the domain name and for hosting, and you are responsible for all the technical issues with your site.


    Thank you, 1tess! I will use my own domain with

    I have registered my new blog and will read the info you suggested and the info on creating a website with wp that I found in the support section tomorrow. Hopefully my art site will be online soon.

    I appreciate the help from all of you!




    Take it one step at a time, don’t DELETE anything (because deleting is permanent and people sometimes delete their whole blogs. Just set it to Draft or Private if you don’t like what you just did and edit later) and you should be fine.



    There is NOTHING you can do to a blog here that can’t be fixed with some help in the forum or the staff – so don’t even think about deleting it as @RC noted above



    Well, there is nothing that can’t be fixed EXCEPT deleting the blog or the username.

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