Do I need a web host?

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    I have a website through WordPress called “The Cheese Press,” for which I have purchased the domain “” (I pay $18 annually). I want to keep the domain, but change the site, so have researched online how to build a website. All of the tutorials I have watched tell me that I need a web host before I build my site on WordPress. My question is: do I already have a webhost? My WordPress-based website seems to work, but I am fairly sure I have only dealt with WordPress and never got a web host…maybe WordPress is my web host? If it is, why would I buy web hosting from Host Gator or any other web host? All tutorials say to get my web hosting form Host Gator, THEN build my WordPress site. Have I skipped the first step? Or did I do something else? I’m confused! Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    You’re watching the wrong tutorials, frankly.

    You say you want a web site. You HAVE a web site. is your website and your web host is What, exactly, do you wish to do that your site is not currently doing for you?

    You don’t need to buy hosting anywhere. You are good to go.



    Thanks, raincoaster. I am aware that I have a website, and it works well. This is the source of my confusion. Why if I could just build a website through WordPress would I go through a separate web host (like Host Gator), then “install” WordPress? What am I missing?

    Thanks for your help.



    Depends what you want to do with your web site – many things are not permitted on WordPress.COM, like selling your own ads and much code is not allowed, no e-commerce here

    So in part depends on what you want to do –


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    Here are details about the different kinds of WordPress to help you decide if you need to find a host you would pay for. While you use and are hosted here for free on you are subject to the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up here.



    Like I said, you’re watching the wrong tutorials: apparently, you’re using ones designed to sell you on Hostgator services. Don’t watch those.

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