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Do I need an additional validator approval?

  1. I'm translating Jetpack at the GlotPress as a validator.
    When I try to translate other project like Gravatar, I have to wait for the approval of the translate.
    Do I need to be an additional validator at each project?
    then please let me be one every project in

  2. Hi there, I've added you as a validator for other active Korean translation projects. Thanks for your help!

  3. Hi, Jenia, thanks.
    It's been a long time to see you again.

  4. You are welcome! Things are busy, but I am around :) Happy holidays!

  5. Hi, Jenia.
    I have completed the Korean Gravatar translation but I see only English when I connect, whereas I see other languages in each own sites, such as and
    Can you help so that I can see Korean at the site?


  6. Thank you for completing the translation! Put the deployment on our list of things to do, will keep you posted.

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