Do I need to delete my @ record to map my domain?

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    I registered a domain through Google and can’t get it to redirect to my WordPress blog. I did change the CNAME records as instructed. Currently, my DNS settings look like this:

    @ A (Address)
    @ google-site-verification=qdOtiCiK1xZfoqPK5OsV7rvXiMJKlE0qILigasakFeg TXT
    @ v=spf1 ?all TXT
    calendar CNAME (Alias)
    docs CNAME (Alias)
    mail CNAME (Alias)
    sites CNAME (Alias)
    start CNAME (Alias)
    www CNAME (Alias)
    www CNAME (Alias)

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m now seeing this text:
    Incorrect A Record
    The A Record for is set to a nameserver. Instead, you should remove all nameservers for your domain and specify the nameservers below to map your domain name to a blog. For instructions and some important warnings before making such a change, please see this document.

    There is information on how to set up domain mapping in our support documentation. If you need help after that, please contact our support team.

    Do I just need to delete the IP in the @ record?





    It looks like your nameservers are pointing to the wrong place. You will need to log into your domain registrar and update the nameservers for your domain to update your nameservers.

    If you are comfortable deleting the IP address, you can do so (I would copy it down first somewhere safe, in case you find you need to add it back in).

    Remember that it can take up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate (although it usually takes much less time).



    This didn’t resolve my issue. I deleted ALL @ records and am still seeing the error page 2 days later.


    FYI, current DNS settings are as follows:

    calendar www CNAME (Alias)
    docs www CNAME (Alias)
    mail www CNAME (Alias)
    sites www CNAME (Alias)
    start www CNAME (Alias)
    www CNAME (Alias)
    www CNAME (Alias)
    www . CNAME (Alias)

    I host through enom. Does anyone else use enom?



    NS1.WORDPRESS.COM, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM and NS3.WORDPRESS.COM are what your nameservers should be pointed to, but they’re not CNAME records.

    We do have some users through enom, yes. You may want to run a search in the forums to see if something relevant floats to the surface.



    Oh, in the meantime, I’ll look on my end.

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