Do I Need to Delete Domain name?

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    I have read and reread every related post and I cannot find an answer to my problem. I have moved my blog to a self-hosted site. The transfer has happened, the new site is functioning, but since this blog currently exists in 2 locations–the new one and the old location, I think that I need to delete the site. But with all the cautions about deleting any site, and the statement that all data and posts will be lost, I am just a little concerned and want to be sure that delete is the right thing to do. My blog at my new location has its own domain name. Please let me know what the right thing to do is!

    The blog I need help with is



    Set the blog to private, don’t delete it incase you decide to use it again.


    Your new hosting site needs to have the DNS entry ‘broadcasted.’

    That is much more important than anything else. You will have to call them. It may take some time before everyone sees your new host ….

    Usually, they will require verification. AND you must unlock your former host (call them) before they can modify the DNS listing(s).



    Thanks very much!

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