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Do I need to know html to use this upgrade?

  1. journeyintosoul

    Do I need to know html to utilize this upgrade?

  2. Best bet would be to look at the stickies in the CSS subforum and see if they make any sense.

    You have to be willing to learn CSS.

  3. You need to know HTML *and* CSS.

  4. No...
    I thought so.

    Go to admin panel->Users -> Your Profile
    Under "Personal Options" there's a checkbox: "Use the visual rich editor when writing" or something like that....


  5. I think we need to be a little more specific about which upgrade.

  6. I was assuming the CSS one since they're posting in the CSS subforum.

  7. I presumed the same thing drmike. :)

    CSS upgrade
    CSS customization can be used to improve on any existing theme; you can define your own classes for use in posts; you can select the Sandbox theme and build on one of the Minimalist layouts or, opt for no stylesheet and do it all yourself.

    Css customization is not recommended for those who have no previous experience with css. If you feel you are up to the challenge of customizing a theme then these link, link, link will be helpful.

    Although there is a forum and other bloggers may volunteer to help you if needs be, there is no staff support for css customization. There are also css resources that you can access listed in the FAQs blog.

    The 15$ you pay to upgrade a blog enables you to to alter the appearance of your theme and but not the underlying php code. Purchasing the upgrade entitles you to customize css on one blog for one year.

  8. That's what I thought, too, until I saw the "Visual Editor" reply.

  9. That post was by someone else.

  10. journeyintosoul

    I thank you so very much for the inputs. I do not have a working knowledge of html or css, yet I am willing to learn. I'll play with this and see if 'I' am 'compatible' :). Thank you all for your time and your comments. Imaya

  11. @imaya
    Thanks for posting again so we all know where you are coming from and headed to.
    Happy blogging! :)

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