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Do I need to pay for separate web hosting for my blog?

  1. jeremyneilphelps

    At the moment, I am paying fasthosts for two invoices a year:

    1.I am paying for a 'windows home', at a cost of £79.08 per year. I am not sure I need this.
    2. I am also paying an annual amount to register the domain '' which is mapped to my wordpress blog, for which I pay wordpress each year. I want to keep this domain, as this is the one I tell people to click on.

    I would like to keep the domain, so feel that I need to continue paying fast hosts for this domain name renewal, but do I need to pay fasthosts for the 'windows home' package, as I read that wordpress host the blogs. I also have no need for the email accounts etc that fasthosts include with their package.

    My renewal is due next month so any help would be gratefully appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Given that the URL is the one displayed, I'm not sure why you would even want to pay for the custom domain. You should change that on your Domains page.

    This should help you and might even save you some money: if you change registrars to it will be cheaper.

    I do not know what a "windows home" is so can't help you with that.

  3. f you change registrars to it will be cheaper.

    @raincoaster does not accept incoming domain transfers.

    You'll have to renew your domain with your present registrar and use the domain mapping upgrade to use it with your site.

  4. organichairproductreview

    I don't mean to thread highjack, but I have a wordpress blog that is and I also own the domain, through Network Solutions which obviously is .com and not
    How do I get it so that when someone goes to my .com domain that it would automatically go to my wordpress page?

  5. thistimethisspace

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