Do I need to purchase the Custom Design Upgrade to use the sandbox theme?

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    Are the Sandbox and Toolbox themes only customizable if you purchase the Custom Design Upgrade? It would seem, by the nature of the themes, that shouldn’t be the case, but it doesn’t explicitly say either way on either theme’s info page. Toolbox’s info page implies that it would be optimized with the upgrade, not that it would be unusable without the upgrade. Sandbox doesn’t mention the upgrade at all.

    Unfortunately, as I’m just starting out with this, I don’t have the $$ to spare on upgrades and premium themes (no matter how much I want to play with CSS), so if the upgrade is required to make those themes usable I’ll just pick a different theme and move on :-)



    Sandbox and Toolbox can’t be customized without the Custom Design Upgrade.
    Their “nature” isn’t that they are customizable without the upgrade, their nature is that they are completely unstyled: designed for CSS experts who would rather build the whole appearance of a blog (fonts, colors etc) from scratch rather than make modifications to an already styled theme.

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