Do I need to send a ‘cease and desist’ letter or should I not worry?

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    Hello everyone

    I have a strange incoming link on my blog and I am not sure how to handle it because I don’t know what it is. My blog is

    The incoming link is one of my post titles. The description comes from a side-bar on our front page, although the wording has been changed slightly.

    The link is: and clicking on the “more” button I get this:

    The Bagua Map: Family Heritage23 Aug 2007 by ~Ray
    We are all Certified Practitioners of Interior Alignment (and some of us are Interior Alignment teachers) with a wish to overlap our passion for Interior Alignment. You can construe more about us on the “Authors” page. …
    Enhancement Blogs global –

    I can’t find the article or the site mentioned on the blog, so I’m not sure how much of a deal to make of this. I am fairly new to blogging and still figuring things out.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.



    A link back to your article has been posted on a splog. The splogger in question does not write but merely posts links to other blogger’s articles so he or she can gain an income from the ads on the site. There is little that can be done. If you use the forum searchbox you will find more information there.



    Thank you timethief.



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)

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