Do I need two WordPress Accounts?

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    I hope I can explain this properly–it’s a little complicated. I recently started a WordPress blog, which I installed through my hosting company (Bluehost). But I found–or it seemed to me–that I could not post on other WP blogs using that account (username/my name), so I opened a “regular” WP account, without blog. But now I can’t see how to connect this to my other account, the one that IS attached to my blog. I wanted to be able to post on other blogs and have a link to my blog included, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    If anyone understands my question, can you help?


    I may have answered my own question by making this post! When I click on my username, up there on the left, it DOES go to my blog, I think I may just have to change my username, to the name of my blog?



    You have a couple options:

    in your wordpress.COM account Dashboard
    users->personal setting
    scroll down to Account details –> Website.

    The URL you enter, will be linked to your name when commenting on wordpress.COM blogs, while logged in you wordpres.COM account.

    You could pick either blog… it can only be one.

    right above that is a place to change your user name.

    in your wp.COM account dashboard–> User–> profile.
    down below their maybe options to add multiple URLs to your “gravatar”
    you can click on a clink that takes you to to add url(s) to your profile.

    when commenting at websites, including wordpress.COM, that support Gravatars, all you have to do is enter your user name and E-mail associated with that account. after you leave a comment the gravatar will appear beside the comment.


    Thank you for responding.

    I only have one blog – the one I installed through my host. But I did figure out what you’re describing in point number one, and have changed my user name already.

    And I have put my blog URL in my Gravatar profile, so I think it’s all working as it should be now.

    Again, thanks for responding – you’ve confirmed that I did it right!

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