Do I REALLY need a domain and host for a basic .com

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    Hello everyone,
    Firstly, I would like to apologise if this is answered elsewhere. I have searched and my question wasn’t clearly answered.
    What I want to know is do I really need to bother with Hosts and Domains for a basic site?
    I have set up free sites before without these and there was no problem. They showed up on Google searches etc. In fact I had trouble stopping Google finding them!
    I want to set up a basic site for a private club. They don’t need stacks of features and just want something with pictures event and contact details, maybe their newsletter and a bit of waffle. I cannot see why they would need anything more complex. Will I need to do all this the moment I register for a Dot Com site?
    Anything I read on it insists I need them, but I have never utilised them to build sites on here before and I just don’t understand what exactly they do that wordpress alone doesn’t.
    Thanks Guys.



    There is pervasive sloganeering to the effect of we all need to hire web hosts and set up WordPress.oeg installs – HOGWASH! I’ve been there and wasted my money doing that.

    As long as one clearly comprehends the differences between free hosted blogs vs installs and is okay with the limitations there’s no reason to spend money on we hosting and setting up a install.



    Having a custom domain name and mapping it to a blog is not required but it does have a bit more class to your group –

    costs about $ 17– a year I think




    I hasten to add the following. If the blog is for anyone trying to create a business or professional indentity online and is using a free hosted blog then I recommend these upgrades:
    domain mapping



    I just set up a temporary site for a non-profit group – did not do domain mapping as we plan to move the blog onto their main site the end of the year – they did do the no ads –

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