do i remain anonymous

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    do I remain anonymous

    The blog I need help with is


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    Your personal information is private with regard to your account is concerned:
    Please notice that there are some legal conditions where your information could be subpoenaed by a court with a warrant to do so.

    You can also set your site to private so only people you invite can view it:

    But if your username is your real name, it could be found via search engines on facebook, other blogs, news articles with your real name published, posts on public forums, published telephone numbers, real estate transactions, public documents for property taxes, birth certificates, and others I have no idea about how “they” know anything about me. Even without or with my real name. As for being anonymous everywhere online, then I have no advise.

    If your username here on is a concern, then you can change it: you are only a 2 hour user here so far:



    Privacy also lasts until you tell a friend that you have a blog


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    Unless you want your blog found, then it works the opposite (at least for me…), because when I mention my (now neglected main) blog to friends, family, or acquaintances that’s the last I see of them…

    This is just sort of a joke about how the universe works: when you want to hide, people find you; when you want attention, it takes a lot of work.

    Google must use a lot of extraneous information to tailor adverts to target your gmail and searches. I do many searches for work and for blogs I work on, and for looking at things to answer questions in these forums. Many sites and searches I have no real interest in. Even so, I see adverts that seem ominously close to things I’m really interested in. Facebook is worse. Consider that I don’t fill out those ridiculous questions about movies and tv shows or music I like. And I’ve never filled in any schools I’ve attended, nor my hometown. No age, social media info (well, I don’t have any), or whatever.

    If you are online in any way, and perhaps even if you ignore all that, it is spooky how un-anonymous a person is.



    Spooky for me was seeing my name in the search engine terms the first few times (my main site has my name in it and some of the PowerPoint presentations have my name in the credits


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    LOL, I was a little disconcerted when I first saw your real name because my (former) neighbor and his son each had the same name. It was the coincidence that surprised me: I don’t think either one of them is the real you…

    But back to the question?
    Can one remain anonymous? online? unsearchable?

    Yes, this discussion is now beyond the technical help that the original poster wanted. The main point I was trying to make is:
    Don’t put your real name online. And even if you avoid doing so, some hacker will be devious enough to figure out who you are.



    @tess – the same as my last name?

    I have spent all my time on the West Coast – so probably not me – but there were some odd relatives my dad knew a bit of spread across the country, but I have no idea who they were


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    Yes. Same last name. (edit to add: same first name, too)

    But you know, my father’s family (my maiden name) is unusual. I’ve played the Google search-the-name game, before and since he died a couple years ago. I found some people in Finland and Russia, but they knew nothing about the relatives we know… Perhaps it is possible to remain anonymous? Also, well, finding lost relatives is different.

    We could continue on email if you like…

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