Do members of a blog have to have their own blogs?

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    This is my first time experimenting with a blog, and I am having trouble understand the system for signing people up as contributors. I would like them to be able to have simple user names like ‘Bill’ and ‘Sandy’, but when they register it seems they have to have a unique username, that no other users have.

    Is that really the case? If so, it’s a bit nuts.

    Is there a FAQ about this, or some kind clear documentation about users and usernames?



    What needs to be unique is their email address and no they do not have to sign up for a blog when they register. They can register for only a username.

    I could see where it might be confusing to readers if authors have the same username, so it might be a good idea anyway to have a unique one. If it is *required* is a different matter. Maybe Staff or another volunteer can give some input on this.



    Yes each person has to have a unique username to have a account they can change the appearance of their name that shows up in comments and blog posts by following these instructions. » Change Your Username their also not required to have a blog with the account.



    Thanks t3ck!

    However, it seems that the link in that Support Doc needs to be updated. The information for changing your Display Name is now under the new User Profile

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