Do my pictures slow down the loading? (One of two questions.)

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    I have three WordPress blogs. One of them is a blog for pictures of members in a group.

    Two questions:

    1) Are those pictures in the picture blog responsible for the somewhat slower loading of my primary blog titled ”Lorna“?

    2) Should I be lowering the dpi in the ”Monotone“ picture blog so that it loads faster? Or does WordPress automatically fix the
    resolution for faster loading? I remember that Blogger did, but as yet don’t know whether WordPress does.

    Thank you.
    Picture blog is:
    Main big fat blog is:




    Yes to both. Try saving them as gif files.



    Ok, and thank you. Is there a place where I can reformat all my JPG files to gif without me buying a program and without it being a complicated procedure???? I used to have Graphic Converter, but not any more since I got my iMac.
    I deleted all of the photos/pictures from my ”Monotone“ theme for pictures since they had all been saved as JPGs and reformatting them as gif would have been a pain. One gal said that the ”Pages“ took forever to load so I figured maybe the others in my group experienced the same.

    Thank you very much for your response


    Posting thumbnails is best for your page not being slow when loading. Less posts per page helps too. I have it set up to five posts per page so my page loads more quickly. And many people use dial-up and might leave your page if it’s too slow to access it.

    I don’t use this but someone the other day recommended it for editing.



    ImageMagick can do conversions. I’m not familiar with using it on the Mac and I have no idea if there’s a point/click interface. I’ve only used it for simple things (resizing images) on the command line (Linux, but you can do the same in (I think that’s what it’s called) on the Mac).

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