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    Quick questions:

    1. Does anyone know, with definitive and accurate knowledge, as to whether WordPress.com hosted sites support “Do Not Track” preferences of Internet users who select such option on their browsers?

    2. Does anyone know, with definitive and accruate knowledge, as to whether WordPress.com’s advertising partners (in regards to ads posted on WordPress.com hosted sites) do likewise?

    Answers to these two questions would be greatly appreciated (especially from employees of WordPress who have such information to answer my inquiries). Thanks!



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    Auxclass – Thanks for the flagging this, for me, to the WordPress.com staff. It is greatly appreciated! :-)



    Hi there,

    We’re checking with our team about these questions and will let you know as soon as we have more information. :)


    Rachel – Thank you! I appreciate it. :-)



    Hi there,

    We looked into this and the answer is we don’t currently honor do not track preferences, and can’t guarantee that all of our advertisers do.


    Liz – Thank you for finding out the answers to my inquiries. Your assistance is very helpful. Again, thanks! :-)


    I use Ghosterly and Privacy Badger and both help with tracking cookies and tracking by third parties.



    gemelitolaluna- If you are concerned about tracking, please go to the bottom of this page and hit the opt-out links https://wordpress.com/settings/account

    If you regularly expunge your browser cookies and cache, you will have to click on the opt-out links each time you log in to WordPress.com


    Dandelionsalad – Thank you for your suggestions. They are quite helpful. :-)

    Justjennifer – Thank you for the detailed, helpful information. :-)

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