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do not understand any of it,could someone explain an a gravatar,is that like a c

  1. I have no idea what this even is,what its for,an how it can be used I do not even know what a gravatar is,i don't know what a blog is, or what any of this stuff is used for, could you please explain,a widget,i don't know what a widget is,what it is used for or who sees it,an nowhere does it tell me how to post this?an what is a blog?what is a url?

    how do I post this?

  2. Go directly to the support documentation, type those terms into the searchbox and click search to answer your own questions.

    On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the step by step Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff.

  3. Kodeek,
    A gravatar is the picture beside your name. At the moment, with the email you use for this site your gravatar is the pinksquare design. Many people show their picture.
    Pointers - When you create your gravatar the picture size is 80x80 pixels. Unless you have some R rated item, rate your gravatar G. Most important, whatever email you link to your gravatar it will follow you all around the Internet. In other words if you use the same email to comment on a different site, the comment will show your gravatar next to your name (Or sudo name)

  4. I have no idea, what this is,or even why you sent it to me,looks like something that should be at a co. that teaches new languadge, I am lost an getting worse

  5. same thing

  6. same thing. why are you sending me the same stuff over, an over again,your confusing me worse I don't have English proffesser English, I didn't go to colladge,i really am totally lost

  7. again,you sent me the same thing again,i am not going to type all that sh stuff again you already know you read my previous replies

  8. yhank you very much for helping me,i got it now

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