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Do people actually read other people's personal blogs?

  1. Until 3 minutes ago, my blog used to be a private blog, because I feel that the security of knowing that nobody will read my blog is the only way I can actually be totally honest with myself, the only way I write about fearing of being judged. I started writing it as a private diary, and I never ever wish for my friends to read it, simply because I'm not ready to bare myself towards the people around me.

    But then, I'm also tempted to get other people (who don't know me personally), read it. Maybe because I'm just lonely, and I want to share my thoughts to online friends. I wonder if I can still express myself in such honesty towards the online world, as long as keep myself as "anonymous". Except I'm not sure that people can actually care about my life, my writing. But who knows? There may be a lot of bored people out there that might MIGHT give my blog a chance.

    I don't know how to make online friends, and I don't really know how it'll work. But if there are anyone who might willing to try to read my thoughts, care a little about things I write about (because of boredom or curiousity), then please read my blog. I'd love to hear your comments, your thoughts, and I'd love to read your blog. I'd love to communicate with someone.

    I'd love to be your friend.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Uhm, I'm not exactly sure where to find a link to my page...
    So this is me:

  3. Hi there, I read through your stuff and I will tell you that I see a lot of potential in your writing. It is a bit raw around the edges, but there is an honesty hidden in there. Clearly you are young and I found it interesting to view the world through your eyes for a moment. Being a Mom of 4 girls I could relate to a lot of what you were saying and that gives me a new perspective on them. Keep it up...I have journaled for most of my life and at times I can tell you it has been my saving grace. Somehow when we let our hearts and fingers just go solutions appear that our minds never would have found. I will be back to read more. come see me any time.

  4. I read through some of your stuff and I find it really interesting and I'm most likly going to be back for more.
    I've got a blog that is much the same. Check it out.

  5. Did you design your blog header? I like it.

    I didn't read much because the journal entries are abit long, but you are contemplative.

    I seriously wanted to avoid creating a personal blog that was a daily life journal. I know myself I become a dull, repetitive writer when I tried to keep a journal years ago. Didn't want to turn off, at least my good friends who know me and my family.

    So I am to write with each post to have a theme/topic (which is only every few days/wks.). It helps me to stay abit more focused.

    I am a cyclist and there are tons of cycling/training daily journals. I don't follow any of them no matter how brilliant they are as folks: their daily routine just doesn't interest me though I would share in spirit their cycling rides.

    I do like well-written daily travel-blogs by bike or exploration of food if we're still talking about daily journal-blogs.

    I like poetry, etc. since I used to write some ages ago. But scattered here and there.

    Am just expressing another reader's blog reading tastes. If blog-writing serves a creative outlet in thinking and expressing in words, great.

  6. I, for one, like the personal blogs or travel blogs much more than the political, or news or newspaper type blogs. If I want to read about the current events, I will read the newspaper. Probably they have more credible sources there.

    I will go check our your blog right now.

  7. No I won't apparently. It's blocked.

  8. I've found that depending on how you promote your blog, some people just look and quickly navigate away, but others are willing to read through it and leave comments. If your blog reaches a large enough audience, it is likely to reach a fair number from both types.


  9. I'd definitely read your blog. Mine is anonymous for the same reason - to give me the freedom to get really personal, without it being read by people I actually know. Your blog is still protected for now, so when/if you decide to make it public, put up the link again :)

  10. Actually, I'm not sure if the problem is your blog-protection or with wordpress, it just keeps asking me to log in again and again. I can't view your blog.

  11. mindlessrambler

    Yes, I had the same problem as nobodyouknow when trying to read your blog.

  12. I would love to read your blog, but it seems like it's blocked.

    Hey! I would love to be your friend too. So if you ever feel like it, visit me at:

  13. People do actually read other peoples blogs...and we can't bite...or well, maybe writingdog...but no one else.

  14. No wait, writing dog is a veggy, probably wont bite after all.

  15. I read alot of peoples blogs actually, although sometimes I don't post as much as I should.

  16. I think that it is fine to feel a little nervous about letting people into your blog. It is an extension of yourself. I would like to say I am farely openminded to most blogs, and i have never come across hate blogs. SO in that respect, yeah keep writing, and dont worry friends will come.
    if you want I can add you to my blogroll and you can get some exposure.


    by the way, every single one of us who has a blog has a story. .

  17. i find your blog interesting. Glad you went public.

  18. correction, im sure i will find it interesting if i ever figure out why i can't click it. sounds interesting. i used to do that, keep everything private. it helps you come out of your shell and find more creativity.

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