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Do people make another blog for their foreign language translations ?

  1. Does anyone put all their posts in two languages on one blog ?
    Do they make a second blog just for the other language ?
    Is there an advantage to one or the other ?

    Much appreciated !

  2. The Translations Forum is for people working on translating WordPress themes. If you choose your main language as Italian for your blog, then "home" "about" widget titles and so on will be in that language.

    I suppose that would be an advantage if you want blogs in 2 different languages: it makes it easier for your readers to navigate the blog in their own language. If you make two blogs, each with the same theme you can use a custom menu to link them to each other and most readers won't really notice that there are two different sites.

    Anyway, I'll move this to the Support Forum…

  3. I have read a couple of blogs that post in two languages. Sorry, I don't have any links for you but they did work quite well. I guess it all depends on layout and content.

  4. Thanks for the comments. They are perfect. And helpful. - d

  5. You can find translation buttons over at

  6. Thanks !

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