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Do people read personal blogs?

  1. I own a personal blog, and a blog where I write stories.
    I could make a money-based or niche-based blog, but I'd like a personal one too.

    I don't want my friends to read it, but I want other people to read it! That's what's confusing me. Do people actually read blogs like mine? (It will get more interesting once I get rid of my dilemna and when school starts!)

    Who owns a personal blog? How many views do you get? From where?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong area!)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I rarely read personal blog...only if I know the writer in real life...mostly my students' personal blog.

    I have a personal blog, I write it in my native language and the visitors are so rare...but I don't care, it's my diary afterall, it might only be interesting for me not for others. I guess that is the reason why I don't read other's personal doesn't interest me.

  3. i have a personal blog and I started it in May. So far I've had a little over a thousand hits on it and i get them from various places. Some are from blogs where the author has included me in their blogroll, some are from twitter links that I've put up and some are just from random pings I send out. Also, none of my friends really read my blog.

    I actually like reading personal blogs. As a matter of fact I enjoy that more than reading the blogs that people have on a specific topic. It's just more entertaining.

  4. @Boku - I see...Interesting...

    @Skylar - It's the same for me. That's quite interesting actually. 1000 hits.
    Your blog is good! It remnds me of a micro-blog though, your writing format seems like that.

    Mine's all about thoughts and stuff. I agree, reading blogs from different people, it's really interesting. I like it when they're from a different geolocation, or a male blog. It is, and lots of times, I don't need a "news blog" there are official websites I like better, though I do go on some specified topic blogs, it's more rare than the personal blog search.

  5. I would say yes 5 years ago when i joined WordPress but really personal blogs don't get much love anymore unless you are a celebrity or a person of interest aka Matt.

    Personal blogs can make it though it just takes great content and a strong following.

  6. highlyirritable

    I have a personal blog and it does fairly well, at least by my standards. Only about 10 of my followers are family members or personal acquaintances. In my opinion, it's all about content. If you write well and make it interesting, you could post your grocery list and people would read it.

  7. I also just started a blog about 3 or 4 days ago. So far I haverage about 7 or 9 hits a day which I think is pretty good since I've just started. Check it out and see if there's anything I could improve on. Blogging is really becoming a passion for me

  8. I do :)
    I find them interesting.

  9. If I know them, or if they're a person of some specific interest - e.g. someone who works at a high-level in an industry I have a prior interest in. Beyond that, no.

  10. Usually people don't seem to read them much... it helps if you post "diary style" content some of the time and content related to a niche (fashion, music, travel, etc) other times.

    Or, like someone else said, if you're famous or have a perspective, people might read you.

  11. Unique perspective, I mean. (: Sorry for the double post.

  12. I find personal blogs to be very interesting, and I read one of your post incognitoteenager and it got me to read the rest. I find you to be a great writer, especially considering your age, and I think you've already got a nice little writing style going, and I hope you continue to write because I think you've got a bright future doing it.

    I don't own a personal blog, although I do touch on my personal life often, and I hold no insight on how to attain views considering my blog has garnered zero total views in the last three days. Some people are impressed with the ability to get thousands of views in just a couple of days. I say it's just as impressive, nay, more impressive to get no views.

  13. I would love to read more personal blogs. However, I seem to have a hard time finding ones that aren't sponsored by some company or pushing an agenda. It makes me sad. I love little things like what other people go through on a daily basis. I find it far more interesting than hearing some biblethumper tell me that I need Jesus in my life or reading about why gay marriage should be legalized. It's all overdone - give me something original! :)

  14. I'm surprised at the replies to this thread. I've been reading those of you who have written about having a personal blog's blog, and it's quite interesting.

    I'm also surprised at the lack of readership in personal blogs nowadays. I have heard that back in 2004 or so, Personal Blogs were the only blogs out there, but, as more and more people started to blog, more and more people start to have personal blogs, but they are being put down, which is surprising to me.

    I believe we should start a personal blog union or something, the words aren't coming into my fingers. But, I will repost when I know what I'm talking about.

    @fantasticloser - Thanks. I do feel motivated to continue this blog, not only for readership (I find it better NOT to look at stats!), but because typing is just much faster than writing, and you can edit it. Also, the WWW is easier due to space on my computer, along with the added plus of people reading!

  15. How do you guys get traffic to your blog?

  16. @incognitoteenager:
    I love reading personal blogs, as long as they are well written and entertaining. I have my own personal blog and I get about 30+ hits a day from various places, so people do like the read them. But I wouldn't reccommend writing just because you want people to read and comment. You should write because its something you want do and something you like. Then more people will want to read because it will show in your writing. :D

  17. I've just started writing my personal blog. I enjoy reading other people's personal blogs and not just celebrity ones.

    I think it's fascinating to learn about other people's daily life. Especially people who are in different countries, different cultures, different age groups etc. Basically, I'm just very curious!

    Of course I would love others to read my stuff, but that's not my main reason for writing. Since I was a kid I would always bring my notebooks and pens with me on holiday to write stories. Nobody ever read them, but it felt good to write them. And it's the same with my blog.

    I'm going to check out the personal blogs that are mentioned in this thread. Like I said, I'm curious ;-)

  18. I'm a therapist who uses a personal essay writing style to convey information that I know about mental health issues. Its very much like personal blogging but I like to have a psychological point to it. I write for a newspaper and people seem to like that personal style. I'm new at blogging. I just started today! I am curious about how people can make their blogs somewhat profitable. Does anyone know?

  19. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    I guess people read personal blogs. Mine isn't doing that great though. 12,000+ hits so far.


  20. Holy Cow! I'd be thrilled with 12,000 hits!

  21. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    Really? Thanks.

    Please check out my blog.


  22. Great site! Funny, genuine, lots of personality. I like it. I set a blog up at

    and haven't had one single visitor. I'm basically just trying to learn right now but I feel like I've just thrown a party and no one has shown up!

  23. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    I have visited your blog.

  24. I tend to read personal blogs if they cover a niche area/interest (maybe 3-4 general subject areas). I appreciate personal blogs where the blogger does have some expertise in an area and there's evidence the person is driven by passion to always learn in his/her subject area and share their explorations with readers.

    And I am more drawn to blogs with a graphic here and there in a long blog post. After all, I feed 3 blogs, with a 4th one coming up, so I don't have time to slog through stuff.

    I do have some geographic-specific areas of interest outside of North America --with intelligent, thoughtful and fun writing in the blogs.

  25. l have regulars who read my (personal) blog each day. But l find Google sends a lot of traffic my way by key words.
    l have a page on founder in a horse's hoof / pedal bone rotation and that is a very well visited page despite the fact it's several years old now.

  26. Yes, I'm trying to provide some of the information I give in my therapy sessions to my readers. I charge over $100 an hour so I'm just trying to reach a larger audience. My shortfall is knowledge of technology. I now have and howto make with different flavors but both have psych content.

  27. I enjoy having my personal blog, it lets me write my random thoughts instead of using the phone a friend option. I just moved my personal blog from MSN so I havent had any real traffic to speak of, other than those who knew me over there and occassionally I use twitter and facebook just to remind people Im still alive and typing.

    Here's the thing though; I think unless you have the gift of comedy or some specialized topic people lose interest with personal stories and don't stay on your active readership for long. If you want to start a personal blog for the sheer joy of writing and sharing your life online, then I say go for it...but if you are only interested in gaining a following and babysitting your site stats for record numbers, you might want to rethink it. Good Luck :)

  28. I have a personal blog too....i mostly get about 10views a day....sometimes more or less

    but i like reading other ppls personal blogs too

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