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Do people read personal blogs?

  1. misplacedperson

    I started mine in April, now have just over 13,000 views and 21 e-mail subscribers. Don't know how this compares with others, but I'm quite happy with it.

    I read personal blogs - they're a whole lot more interesting than all the I'm-out-to-get-to-the-top-of-Google ad-based stuff which abounds out there.

  2. The best ways to get readers for a personal blog are to write brilliantly and to have an interesting life.

  3. misplacedperson

    Sorted then. ;-)

  4. I hope people read personal blogs....because I have one...

    well I just started. last night, actually.

    I love to write, but trying to phrase things well and make them interesting to other people besides yourself is more of a challenge than I anticipated.

    feedback would be great, I don't want to write an awful blog for months before someone finally tells me what a piece of crap it is....ya know? lol.

  5. I have only had my travel diary blog up for a few days had a good number of hits for a newbie and one subscriber out of blue as they where interested in topic

  6. If you're writing simply for the sake of writing and keeping track of your day-to-day activities online, don't expect much traffic.

    If you're providing value -- creating original content, providing tutorials, etc. -- you're more likely to see an increase in hits.

    Users are looking for value. No value, no traffic.

  7. fantasticloser

    I still maintain that I love personal blogs more than any other kind blog. I don't know what's wrong with me, but apparently I hate learning new things and much more enjoy hearing a person describe their life. Reading about people and learning about them is just so interesting to me, especially when they can write about their life in a creative and quite possibly humorous way, or best of all showing emotion. For me emotion is always the most entertaining thing when reading a blog. I find a lot more emotion in personal blogs than other blogs. There's emotion in other blogs as well, I just don't find it as often.

  8. shannondotjpeg

    I have two personal blogs. One is new, so it doesn't get many hits, but the other isn't doing too bad. Not many of my friends read my personal blogs, I find that more strangers seem to enjoy reading what I write. And to be honest, I prefer it that way.
    There are some things I write about, that I wouldn't feel too comfortable telling my friends.

    I think it takes more effort/guts to write a personal blog, because you're letting someone you don't even know, into your life.
    That's why I'd much rather spend my time reading about someones life and thoughts, rather than reading the best way to bake a cake.

  9. I would tend to read personal blogs rather than any others, I think the insight into someone elses mind is interesting.

    I myself just started mine today, whether or not anyone actually reads it doesn't bother me, it's there for me to chronicle the things that go on in my life and the things that interest me. Gaining a following is a bonus, but it's not the reason I started it.

  10. My child hood idols would be people who told story's through music. This appealed to me because I really believed I would never be able to read or write. But after discovering my voice was one of horror. Some thing a very smart teacher once told me. If I don't write history, Will forget me. And I don't so much care for an audience. But for my daughter who may not be old enough for my many great life, Experiences, story's, feelings, views. I want her to have some thing if she chooses to want to know about her dad. And to know her dad was not just a junkie, who is bad. Who mum controls what she is told about me.(mostly nasty things) I want my daughter to see me for who I am, She might not like who I was and what I become and who I aimed to be. But hey its there. and that's a little relief, As I may never ever get to see her again.When ever I get stuck o for some thing to write. I just write Dear Daughter. And it just flows. And its important to keep that flow. I THINK!

  11. Hey I am a student writing a Media blog. Check it out if our interested:

  12. I have a personal blog and a photo-blog. I do read the personal blogs of others. I currently have over 3,000 views, 16 subscribers, and rarely less than 10 views per day. It makes little sense, yet for some reason people seem to like it all!

  13. I have a personal blog, but I also write about fashion and other random bit and bobs. I've not long been in the game on wordpress but have had a blog on my website for a while (but never knew how many folk were visiting).

    Any advice from veteran 'pressers' would be super useful as I'd love to be more involved in the community.

    Thanks a million!

    Cat x

  14. What is the difference between normal blog and personal blog? :)
    I've just created my blog as you can guess it is not doing really well.. I think just 7 people read it according to stats..

    If you have time, please check it out. Leave a comment.


  15. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    I'm still going good...over 14000+!!!

    I haven't posted lately though...

  16. personal would mean, that its personal and no one can see it? i like blogs,

  17. yardlessgardening

    I'm not very interested in a personal blog unless it also happens to be motivational. For example, if there is a goal that you're trying to attain and you're blogging about the process of it and giving tidbits of advice/ideas, then that will catch my interest.

  18. I have a personal blog where certain entries get a lot more traffic compared to others. They well trafficked entries tend to be music video reviews, album reviews, city reviews, etc. The less frequented ones are the ones that deal with my actual life.

    I think Google image search results may also be inflating my site stats. Whatever, I'll take what I can get. =P

  19. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    I just started my second personal blog called NerdLife Forever.

  20. I like a bit of variety in a blog I like discussing universal themes, be it the meaning of life or rants about work et cet.

  21. Don't think so, but I did notice that when I tag my entries with something people probably care about (social networking or whatever) I get just a tiny bit more visitors.

    Other than that, I blocked search engines and I've done zero advertising so I don't see how a normal personal blog would get much attention; that's actually the main reason why I'm using this instead of livejournal hehe. I just like writing knowing nobody I actually know will probably see it.

  22. I've recently just started a personal blog to see how it'll go... Haven't really got many hits yet and I guess it would be nice to have some feedback, but I do understand, I started it knowing not many people would be interested in what I have to say if they didn't know me! I'd say give it some time though, you never know what might happen! :)

  23. I started my personal blog a couple of months ago for the purpose of tracking my own life, really. I hadn't expected anybody to read it let alone follow or comment. To my surprise, 3 days into posting I got my first comment and many more after that.
    I now have a few people following, which is very nice. It's great encouragement and of course other peoples insights and thoughts are refreshing.
    Despite that, I write for myself and hopefully won't lose sight of the purpose of my blog. I am grateful for the readers and most times its a good way to find other good blogs. As of course, I'll always visit their to have a sneak peek :)

  24. I read them, but I don't follow them normally. I've gone through a few personal blogs of my own, and people do seem to read them oddly enough.

  25. i have a personal blog and i just keep it as a diary... i get a few visits, especially when i discuss about gadgets.

    i follow some personal blogs but those're from famous people.

  26. i love em :) I really like observing real people and knowing what's in their heads. So much more fascinating than television :P

  27. I like reading personal blogs; you learn alot from looking into other people's lives. I think that you can relate more to the content in the blogs so it makes you want to keep reading them. I started my blog to develop myself as a writer but it has turned into a little online diary or sorts over the last week. Plus the AFN channels over here SUCK, my husband stole my kindle, I am pretty much broke all the time now and facebook can only entertain me for so long...
    Personal blogs keep me entertained :-)

  28. moonbeammcqueen

    I love well-written, entertaining personal blogs. Getting into other people's heads and peeking into their lives can be fascinating. I write a personal blog as well, and enjoy people peeking into my world, as long as they wipe their feet on the mat before they come in.

  29. Hi !

    it is my live tale =)

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