do readers' clicks on embedded videos and docs show in stats?

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    I recently embedded a Scribd doc in a post for the first time, and my stats show a significant # of hits on that post, but the “clicks” section doesn’t show any Scribd clicks (except for a couple coming in from Scribd). It’s possible view the doc in a tiny window without clicking on “full-page” or “download” or “view on Scribd website”, but it is really teeny that way, I would have expected at least a few readers to click for one of the other options. I’d really like to have a hint if readers are reading this doc!

    Which leads to: Do clicks to play embedded youtube videos actually show up in our “clicks” stats???

    My stats often show Youtube clicks so I had always assumed they reflected views of my youtube videos, but I just realized I have many LINKS to youtube as well on my blog, like to my youtube channel, and even to several youtube videos that I don’t have posts for yet, just links to them in one of my pages.
    So it’s possible I was wrong and the click stats only reflect clicks on youtube links, not on embedded videos…???

    These videos and embedded tutorials are the heart of my blog in a way, I’d really like to know if/ how readers are using them!

    Thanks for any info!

    The blog I need help with is



    Clicks to play youtubes do not show in OUR stats: they show on the YouTube stats. Same for Scribd or any embedded external material. For material you just LINK to, that shows as a click.



    Thank you raincoaster! –i’ll go see if the scribd site has stats I can view…

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