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Do Really ALL of us want to Reblog ?

  1. What do you think about it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    I will certainly comment on your posts. Here's my related post as well. I say Thumbs down on reblogging

  3. please take part in the poll (check the top post link) and let every know that the users say about the reblogging feature

  4. didn't
    I ask for respect for all users, included us, who don't want it.

  5. I have added a paragraph in my post, and i think it is the basic and elementary thing which everybody wants.

  6. I dislike the reblogging feature and I loathe being denied the option of turning it off. It's unethical to force me into using something I don't like, want or need.

  7. morbidauthoress

    I don't support the new reblogging feature. I would like to have control over who reuses my content and how.

  8. Thats what is all about the freedom. After that every person can do as per their views.

  9. I don't support it either. It should be optional.

  10. Yes ma'am I sure did. As soon as I became aware of like and reblog features being added in, I searched 'reblog' on the forums and read every post I could find on the subject.

    Unfortunately by the time I got to your first link, it was already closed. I'm also surprised that the WP staff don't appear to have safeguarded against possibilities for abuse.

    What grates me most is that I've only just begun my blog. I want time to develop and refine my unique style of blogging (whatever that is). I want to be able to learn, build and grow at my own pace.

    I'm not concerned with massing numbers of readers and driving waves of visitors through the traffic counter. I want to build a public blog that will gain readers naturally, because they are drawn to the content of my posts. If I don't have any, I'm fine with that. A hundred, a thousand - that's fine too. As long as it's at my pace.

    I'm not anti-social networking. I have and regularly use Twitter, Facebook, etc. I'm not misinformed or a zealot. There are no aliens coming to get me either.

    I just want to opt-out of the reblog function.

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