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Do RSS feeds show page updates?

  1. I just found out that all my edits and additions to previously published posts get the whole post reported again on readers' rss feeds (really a pain--I think of my blog as a craft resource/ how-to book that I'm publishing chapter by chapter each of which seems to require a lot of editing, even after I finally think I'm done).

    I don't like the workaround to this at all which is setting the blog to "private" temporarily while making those changes--means readers will find a locked door marked "private blog-where's your password" instead of their tutorial. (It would be slightly better if the locked-out sign read "down for maintenance" or something like that)

    So now I'm wondering if pages are the same--do new pages and/or changes to existing pages show up on feeds?
    Hoping I can at least edit those without locking readers out...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No there are no RSS Feeds for pages. Pages are for static content that rarely if ever changes.

    You cam limit how much of a post not page goes out on the RSS feed here > Settings > Reading
    select "summary"

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  4. Thank you timethief. My feed setting is on 'summary' thank goodness, but i still hate the idea of that summary going out again and again as I edit little bits here, add pictures there, etc. I looked into page-based vs post based early on, and opted for post-based. I didn't realize this problem about editing posts back then though. Maybe I should look into it again. I'll wait til the holidays are over and try to figure it out.
    Happy holidays and thanks again for all your help!

  5. Just out of curiosity, why do you think your readers by RSS would be annoyed at receiving post updates?

    If you are adding new/updated information to old posts, it's the best way for your readers by RSS to find out about it, unless you make a special blog post just about having made updates (which is the only way readers by email will find out).

    And here I am assuming the RSS feed and emails as generated by and not third party utilities like feedburner, etc.

  6. (Do third party utilities work differently? Will they follow my setting of "summary only" for feeds?) Yes, if I added a lot of substantive content to a blog I would make an announcement post--I did that when I finally added video to the tutorials, I put out a post announcing it. Also if I make a new page.

    But usually my edits are more like adding a picture for a step in the tutorial that didn't have a photo or obsessive rewording to make things clearer, or like just recently I learned (from Panos's wordtips blog) how to put in little links within the post to jump down to another point in the post (or link to an explanation/ definition of a term etc) so I spent a long editing session going through various posts and doing that...

  7. @ingridcc
    Have you looked at this? "Settings" —> Email Post Changes)
    'Enable (a tickable box for) Send an email when a post or page changes.

  8. @ingridcc Yes, the summary is what is published to your RSS feed so any feed reader will pick up only what's been published to the feed.

    @tt, I believe the purpose of that Setting is to notify site admin(s), or whoever is designated on a multi author blog, when someone makes a revision... not so much for subscribers.

  9. @justjennifer
    My mind was on cooking and I posted from my "notes" without checking that page. You're right. Thanks for chiming in again. :)

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