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Do RSS stats work?

  1. I've been under the impression that doesn't really keep good count of the RSS subscribers. Yesterday I was in the sixties, now the thirties. How come I can get an overall number of readers but not a fixed number for individual clients? Instead we're given a percentage, like 50% of my readers are from Web Based readers. I also use FeedBurner, but the numbers are lower there.

  2. Not everybody is going to access your RSS every single day. It does go up and down.

  3. But I don't care about access, I care about subscribers. I want to know who has subscribed overall.

  4. Here's an example:

    I am subscribed to your feed through Thunderbird. I don't open Thunderbird for a couple of days so your feed doesn't update in the client. That's a hit that you've missed. It's entirely possible that this is what you're seeing.

    There's not an easy way using the standard RSS feed to show subscribers. If you want to do that then you should create a Feedburner RSS feed and ask people to subscribe to that instead.

    Hope this makes sense.

  5. May also be someone hitting it multiple times. We've not had a reply from staff on how the counter counts those. For example, on my own system, if one person pulls the feed three times, it only counts as once. It may count it as three times here.

  6. Well I have feedburner also. The number is high enough, but I'd like to know exactly. Thanks anyway, though I don't consider this resolved :p

  7. Your not going to know exactly I'm afraid. Folks using Bloglines or other sites are just going to count as 1 as those sites cache the feeds and copy them to their users.

  8. Are you telling me if I have one million subscribers on'll show up as 1?

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