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Do subscribers get email when I publish/edit a new PAGE not blog post?

  1. A while back I added pages (About, Clients, etc.) to my blog page, and it took several edits to get right. I then found I received a new email with each edit I published. I now know that my email was registered to receive Page updates, but before I make more edits to the pages, I was wondering if anyone can confirm for me - do blog subscribers only receive email notices when we publish a blog Post, and not a Page? I just started blogging and don't want to lose the few subscribers I gained recently!

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, they don't. There is no feed for Pages as they are for static content that raely chnages and sit outside the blog structure. These are the differences between Posts and Pages. See here for more information on post structured and page structured blogs >

  3. "raely chnages ' was meant to be "rarely changes"

  4. Thanks so much, really appreciate your taking the time to answer it really puts my mind at ease!

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