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Do subscribers get notified when a post is updated?

  1. enchantedbybooks


    Just a quick question about people who subscribe to the blogs via email: Do they get an email when a post has been updated or just when it is first posted?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No they do not. What goes out ion the RSS Feed is the original post after it is published.

  3. enchantedbybooks

    Great, thanks!

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. things2dob4idie

    How do i see who my subscribers are? Where do i find them?

  6. @things2dob4idie, please do not post non-related things into existing posts as it can confuse things. If you do not find a thread that is on your topic, go ahead and start a new one. Thanks.

    Go to stats, look down toward the bottom left and you will see a module titled "Totals, Followers and Shares". In that module you will see two links: Site followers and comment followers. Click on either of those and you will see listings of your subscribers/followers. On the site followers at the top of that page, you will see two additional links, " followers" and "Email Subscribers." Clicking on either of those will show you those followers/subscribers.

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