Do subscriptions show up in my site stats?

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    I’ve been wondering about blog subscribers and RSS readers- do they show up in the Site Stats as visitors, since they aren’t actually landing on the blog page?

    Perhaps to get an accurate count of readers I need to add my subscriptions to my stats.

    Is there a way to track the number of people who get the site in their RSS or other readers?

    The blog I need help with is



    Subscription Statistics
    Blog administrators can see how many people are subscribed to their blog from the Site Stats page:

    Clicking on the active number will show you the users who have subscribed with our Subscription feature in the admin bar. Clicking on “Email Subscribers” from this page will show the email addresses of all email subscribers, along with a link to download this as CSV.

    See also:

    We do record when a user clicks through to the blog post from a feed reader and register that as a view, but there’s absolutely no way to record direct views from RSS readers, as an RSS feed is really just a stream of data.



    I know how to see subscriptions, thanks much. I am simply wondering if they count in the stats. I assume not.



    There’s absolutely no way to record direct views from RSS readers.

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