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    I just listed my fist blog this afternoon and some things changed. Does wordpress make changes. Under my title I had Please join my journey and now it is gone. ?? Thanks for any help here.



    No, they don’t make changes.

    A link to your blog will help.



    Hi barbara,
    I’m not clear on what happened but I do know there is some work going on to bring new servers online and balance them. This means there could be a time delay factor. Perhaps you would like to try adding your tagline again => Options => General Options and click “Update Options” to save the changes. :)

    If you click on the top of this page where it says View your profile you can create a profile and enter your wordpress blog’s url into the website line. Then your username will be linked to your blog and that will make it easier for people to help you.



    As well, some themes don’t have the ‘tagline’ in them. You might of had it with the default theme and then changed to a theme that doesn’t have it.



    O.K will do that. Here is the latest I changed Theme I had a sitemeter and counter on first one. When I changed theme. They were gone. Then when I typed in My blog url and got some Welcome message I did not write. The Blog I wrote this afternoon was in my Blogroll . Gee I hope I explained it right and Thank you all for your help.



    /right on Trent
    The theme you currently have up does not provide for a tagline.


    O.K So what do I do. I am trying real hard. I am 62 years old and trying real hard here. Thank you all so much. I found My other Blog on blogspot so much easier to get around. But I heard so many great things here, so wanted to get here..



    I answered your original question about the tagline. Now I’ll leave it to a Moderator (Trent or drmike) to help you with the other issues. :)


    Yes Thank you very much for your help. Maybe I should go back to first theme



    Pick a theme you like that allows for a tagline; you can scroll through all the themes and just pick out one that does. Be aware that every time you change themes you might have to tinker with things to get them to work in the new theme. If, for instance, you added sidebar widgets, you might have to re-add them (this is probably what’s going on with your counter and sitemeter). Pick one you really like right now in hopes you won’t be changing around for a while.

    The Welcome Message is just placeholder text. Just click Edit and put a blog post in there instead. That text appears on ALL wordpress blogs as their first post, just to show people what it looks like when they make a post.


    Thank you so much. When I was looking for another theme you really don’t know what they have. Till you try them. I understand more now with all the very kind help here. Thank you all again



    I have seen these time delays, and it drove me nuts all weekend. I am trying to be patient.

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