Do WordPress Followers Transfer Over?

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    So I’m looking into transferring my blog over to self hosting, and I was initially under the impression that all of my followers could be transferred over as long as I installed the Jetpack plugin onto my self-hosted website. But after doing a little more digging, I saw that only the email followers would be transferred over by the wordpress staff, even if you installed Jetpack.

    I was just wondering if someone could confirm this for me. And is there any work around for this or do you just have to notify your followers that you’re moving and to subscribe if you want to continue reading?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your email followers will be transferred over as well as any followers that have subscribed to your blog through the Reader.



    All subscribers can be transferred now. You must provide Staff with both URLs after you install the JetPack plugin and activate it.


    Perfect. Thank you so much for the quick responses.

    Timethief, my URL would stay the same so what would I do in that case?

    And also do you guys know if my stats would transfer over as well?



    There are two URLs involved:
    The underlying blog URL your ar domain mapping form to your domain
    the domain URL

    Re: stats


    Ohh ok that makes sense. Thanks so much!



    You’re welcome.

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