Do hosted domains support CNAMEs?

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    I’m planning to switch near the end of the year and want to clear this up before them. Right now I have cdn. on my domain pointing to a CloudFront distribution using my current host’s domain editor.

    Do domains support this? If so, does it cost any extra? I can’t find much on the management-side of domains here beyond setting up Google Apps for email.

    Speaking of which, is there any cost associated with adding an MX record to handle email passed to Gmail?

    The blog I need help with is



    No extra cost, once you pay to register or map your domain, you can add DNS records and email:


    Great to hear. I can’t say I was paying attention during that part of networking class back in 2007, so DNS is a bit of a black box to me. Moving to will be an excuse to finally learn. :)

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