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Do you believe at love at first sight?

  1. I wonder if love at first sight really exist.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't personally - but I am sure it does for others.

  3. messymusings05

    I believe in extra strong connections at first sight, but I don't believe love comes into play until you know someone's personality. I want to believe it exist though :)

  4. well said messy :-)

  5. I dont. Maybe attraction but not love... love is much deeper.

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  7. I don't believe in love at first sight. I think, as has already been said, that there can be very strong attraction at first sight. But love takes a while.

  8. On one hand, I don't believe in love at first sight. On the other, I do believe in lust at first sight. I think many people who claim to be in love are actually infatuated ie. are in lust with each other. Until there is a friendship foundation based on respect, trust, mutual attraction and affection, shared morals and ethics, shared interests and goals, then IMO what's being experienced ain't love. Granted, you can decorate it with chocolates, perfume, and flowers and even with a marriage certificate but it's just lust. Maybe that confusion is why 6/10 marriages don't make it to the 10 year mark.

  9. I agree with Timethief and I experience lust at first sight constantly!

  10. Ha! ha! Is it true confessions time? ;)

  11. I'm with TiTi too. We were certainly attracted at first sight - love took a little longer!

  12. So, its just an attraction at first... no love at first sight exists at all? thanks for the responses, but anyway i'm still looking forward with this girl that i met along the way... read my blog and yo'll know what i'm saying.

    Anyway, I'm confused right now whether I'll continue these "love at first sight" thing... I'm not so sure if this is really love... but this thing really bothers me seriously.

  13. Do you know the person well? You need to go for a jog/swim/bike ride to clear your head and heart a bit. Otherwise you'll end up with unnecessary anguisth/ frustration.

  14. I thoroughly believe in it.... but only thanks to the idea that love can actually sneak up on you without you realizing it. When that actually happens it's like a sudden bolt right out of the blue. Given that... an instinctive instant attraction on a subconscious level seems downright easy to accept.

    The love of my life turned out to be the BFF that I'd already known for nearly half my life. One day she was the "sister" I'd never had and closer than any "real" one could ever be... and then one day... *WHAM*.... She admitted to having been in love with me for years.... and it suddenly hit me that I felt exactly the same way. Never saw it coming....

  15. theinsanityaquarium

    I also agree with TT! I don't believe in love at first sight, but definitely lust at first sight! Love takes a longer time to develop. Anyway, 'love' is an odd word; love as we know it, or romance if you'd rather, developed around the 18th/19th centuries. This isn't to say that love didn't exist before this time, but rather it's to say that earlier people experienced love on their own terms.

    Bit o' history for ya'll. I'm not just filled with blood and guts, you know. :D

  16. @Anna, I think you're talking about Romanticism, right? Blood, Guts and Knowledge, woo hoo, lol

    I have to admit, normally I would agree with Love can't happen on First Site... Accept, I've fallen in Love on First Site twice... WHAM!! And it wasn't just Lust... The first I ended up being with for 8 1/2 years (My First Love as it were), the Second I Married one year later, though sadly it only lasted one year.

    But I Fell for each of them Hard... And once I got to know them, it was only worse, lol. I suspect it has to do with a pretty damn intense immediate connection... And I'm not talking about Physical Attraction... I've thought many people were absolutely stunning, and zero in the Heart Zone

    Anyway, I will say, I believe it is very rare... I will also say, it might help you're in a good spot in your life, and with yourself, when it happens... Or maybe, it's just when it's someone that WHAMS you... Inside and out


  17. I think it does for some people who are ready to find it. :)

  18. Of course it does....

  19. You can't help who you fall for, or how long it takes to fall for them.

    Lust, eh, lust you can slow down or speed up.

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