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Do you believe love is unconditional?

  1. Do you think love can come in unconditional manner? Or are you one of those cynics who believe in give and take?

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  2. Give and Take, the rest is fictional.

  3. I believe "unconditional love" is a myth.

  4. Most love is give and take, but then there are also those rare moments when it is unconditional. To find the unconditional kind of love is the effort of life. Some will find it, other's won't. But some people aren't looking for unconditional love, if they even are looking for love. It is much for common for people to be looking for the right now relationship.

  5. I think unconditional love is 100% real. Do you conditionally love your children?? Or your parents?? No, you love them no matter might not always like their decisions but you could never stop loving them.

  6. Questionable...

  7. I believe unconditional love does exist in some cases, but that's not necessarily a good thing. I'd say it probably exists between family members more than anywhere else. When it exists in Romantic Relationships, it can sometimes keep people in relationships longer than they should be in them. To allow yourself to be treated badly, or to stay in a relationship that isn't fulfilling, or in some cases unhealthy isn't doing anyone any favors. In my opinion it does exist, but it shouldn't be the goal. Let your mom love you unconditionally, you may need it from time to time. But in my opinion, you should always try to earn the love that you are given in a romantic relationship, even if they bend over backwards from time to time. Earn it. Give and Take creates balance, from balance comes strength. Too often there are great imbalances in Romantic Relationships, if both want it, both should work at it. If only one works at it, and loves someone unconditionally, they're liable to end up in a very not good situation. Love yourself before you try to love others, as best you can. Love and Life are certainly not perfect.

  8. theinsanityaquarium

    I think love is unconditional, but only to a certain extent, but then that in itself makes it conditional. With regards to family members though, there is always that possibility of unconditional love, even alongside hatred. I think I feel this on a daily basis, it's the love that makes the hatred so potent.

  9. I tend to agree with that

  10. Sometimes´╝îI think.

  11. habituatedbuddhist

    I don't even know what that question could possibly mean.

  12. @Sayal I just read your Post Sayali, that is a very sweet story... In that case, her unconditional love for you was very sweet

  13. Unconditional from close family and pet dog. Conditional elsewhere. I love you all unconditionally. But then I have just come back from Burning Man and I've turned hippy.

  14. Don't we just wish. Empirical evidence seems to indicate that, if so, it is extremely rare. People may say they love unconditionally but when it's put to the test by mistreatment they get over it--usually far too slowly for their own good.

  15. Don't we just wish it to be so? Empirical evidence seems to indicate that, if so, it is extremely rare. People may say they love unconditionally but when it's put to the test by mistreatment they get over it--usually far too slowly for their own good.

  16. No, I do not believe love is unconditional, even in families.

    To use a dramatic example, what of those family members who murder other family members? Do other family members still love the perpetrator? In cases where there are extenuating circumstances, such as murdering a child molester; perhaps. In others, where children kill their parents just to get the money - I'm thinking not so much.

    In a marriage, I suggest there are, even if unspoken, expectations of behaviour. We expect our spouse to be faithful to us (unless the relationship is an "open" one). We expect our spouse not to commit crimes. If they transgress, the love we had for them dies in many cases.

    While we may still love our children through such challenges as drug addiction or alcholism, other issues may well cause parents to disown the child emotionally.

    I think unconditional love is a lovely concept, but in reality it does not exist.

  17. I checked out your post on your blog and I guess I'm not seeing how this teacher's "love" was unconditional...?

    When you pulled the pranks, she said: "...if you hurt people with those pranks, who would appreciate the fun side of it."

    And then you commented on how she treated some kids better than others. I guess I'm not clear how this isn't a condition:

    "At times, her love for some of us seemed visibly biased. She would give us more personal attention during the classes...Other students were obviously not is great to be at the receiving end of partiality."

    IMO, we can't define "love" among 6.5 billion people; it's just too complex. And "unconditional" means one thing to one person and something else to someone else. What I did get from your story is how much this one teacher had a positive effect on you and that's worth a lot. You are fortunate to have had her.

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