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Do you blog regularily on current news?

  1. Actually no I doubt. I mean on regular news media stuff. The only exception was in a peripheral way, were the 2010 Winter Olympics. And that wasn't even about the athletes. It was about the experience of living in a city during the Olympics and how it changes a city.

    I figure many news outlets have their websites turned on for comments and many other bloggers can comment in their blogs. So fine by me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I make up my own news. It's more happy that way.

  3. I do write about news on my blog. My blog is for one purpose really, and most news I find newsworthy is not related. However, I do enjoy reading about others opinions on the news.

  4. Sorry I meant: Actually no I don't blog regularily on current news...

  5. silvershadowfly

    I usually tend to blog on current news, but when it either
    a) angers me
    b) is controversial
    c) is on topical news I like
    and d) is really worth sharing my opinion on.

    Though that being said, there are far many others who blog on the news, mine just ends up being biased...

  6. Same answer as silvershadowfly basically :)

  7. I do, I do. I'm pretty newsie. I enjoy it, it's fun and, well, topical.

  8. Not regularly, but when I do it I just throw myself into it. I certainly did on the Japan earthquake and assorted things.

  9. megumiwasframed

    Only if it relates to my life and what I write about. You can bet there were a few opinions on the Tohoku earthquake.

  10. I do sometimes!

  11. Only if it is something big, I did one post on Mumbai blasts and that is it so far.

  12. silvershadowfly

    I see a pattern here... I think a lot of people seem to blog about crisis events because it affects them in big ways.
    I'm guessing many people have blogged about the recent attack in Norway.

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