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Do you delete a comment if the commenter puts a link to a relevent AND better bl

  1. He's not the only one who knows the story.

    Sanj, the most important post in this thread is this one:

    We've all had good posts deleted, if we've been around long enough. You just have to divorce yourself from the idea of permanence when you comment on someone else's blog. Who knows if they're having their period, they mistake you for a spammer, or what. It isn't your issue. You leave your post, you hope it stays up, but you have to drop your expectations or you are going to be continually heartbroken.

  2. i thought it was not worth your time?
    you know the story? well, i am happy for you, tsp! :D

  3. Come on. You need to move on. We have all had more deleted comments than we've had hot dinners or we haven't been around the internet very long.

  4. rain,
    thanks for the suggestion, but this thread is not about me or MY blog. and i am not heartbroken.

    i feel concerned because a blog friend got an abusive email from a blog owner after the blog owner deleted her/his comment.

  5. Then tell that to your friend. You should SEE the emails I get, even when I'm not being bitchy.

  6. yes rain, my friend knows THAT of course!

  7. californiakat

    I always leave a link if it's legitimate. If it's a case of self-promotion, I will edit it out. But I'm not so paranoid or threatened to think that someone is leaving a URL in an attempt to link to me or outdo me. I also welcome links to better articles than mine because in the end it benefits readers. What's wrong with that?

    I've had cases where I left a better link with the hope of raising the quality of a post, and instead of the blog owner simply leaving or deleting it, I was sent an e-mail criticizing what I'd done and calling me some names. What's the point of that? If someone is that threatened by a better link, just delete it and move on. I tend to think some criticism is warranted because it may be a legitimate note to help me be a better writer and present better content. If we can't take some criticism, why have a public presence at all?

  8. @katko627,

    I've had cases where I left a better link with the hope of raising the quality of a post, and instead of the blog owner simply leaving or deleting it, I was sent an e-mail criticizing what I'd done and calling me some names.

    thanks for participating in this thread. i was concerned about your situation and THIS- and not some personal issue - is what inspired me to discuss things here.
    i personally believe a blogger can delete a comment, but there's no need to email the commenter to call names - that's harrassment!

    btw, you can leave better links in my blog any day! :D

  9. i think that its rude to link back to ones own blog, ie 'hey thats great but mine is better' but if the poster links to someone elses then cool.

  10. but if the poster links to someone elses then cool

    it's not cool to all bloggers, i'm afraid! =)
    my friend linked to a better post by someone else - but the blogger still had issues.

    but from the discussion in this thread, i think the general trend among bloggers is to be as flexible as possible - which is positive. :D
    after all, what is a blog other than a communication tool?

  11. its a stress reliver, tis a way of meeting other people (sorta) and in a time when fuel is about to run out, its a way to get around the wrld relativly cheaply.... who has solar panels?

  12. I would delete threats saying the wanted to kill a celebrity because the liability falls on me legally if that person then does something insane. I got emails and someone sending me messages on Myspace saying how could I leave that comment there. I didn't use to read every comment. Just comments on certain posts that kids would frequently visit. But after, I started reading every single comment. But anything threatening to kill someone or someone who linked back to porn, then I would delete. Everything else I left because I thought they might link back to me one day and it might help my ranking on Google and Technorati. Kids yelling at each other about Jesse McCartney, I left. lol

    I never thought of my blogs as great and always said they are stupid blogs. lol I'm always amazed of people who can write. So I never thought highly of my first blog but loved my Myspace layout site and can manipulate the hell out of a picture more so than other layout sites. When I get my mojo back, I'll get back into layout making.

  13. I remember were I saw this topic now it was
    on Blog Catalog...

  14. Egad. Can someone re-post the instructions for reporting a spammer in the forums?

  15. don't be stupid i'm not spamming!!!! its ad ver tis ing.......

  16. That's spamming, asshole. *Particularly* when it isn't in a relevant thread.

  17. hansworldtravels

    I don't delete relevant comments or even those that disagree with me, as I love the opportunity to comment in return of why I disagree with them.

    Sadly, I find many blogs & their admins, that do nothing but "Censor" all that they dislike. Either they delete my comment all together or they modify what I write to make it look like I support their position or to insult me.

    I have been keeping a log of them on two of my pages "Quips of Ignorance" & "Delusions of Grandeur". Also I have waged a war with the grossest offender of 'censor & distort' dissenting views, in my "Vanilla Ice, Where is he Now?" thread, where I use the exact same tactics and the original offender.

    Not to be a whore as Raincoaster will get on my case, but it is on topic ;) and a log of exactly this and the above can be seen here.

    This activity of keeping people honest is a huge annoyance in taking time I'd rather spent on worthy, open discussion & debate.

  18. ok calm down everyone no more ad ver tis ing...peace.

  19. I deleted a comment yesterday that basically insulted all the other commenters and then said, "This is a better website: name of other blog/website."

    I don't mind a link but don't come on just to insult everyone and then say "Here's a better place" and the "better" place was a commercial website.

  20. I don't delete, I edit. Eg: "Hi you have a great blog. Check out:"... then I just cut off the second sentence. If its relevant to what I'm posting then its a different story but otherwise I'm going to chop you off.

  21. Guys how can i do the editing on comments posted on my blog?

  22. @tyna: You click on the commenter's avatar/name on your 'Comments' page.

  23. tynaezenma,
    when you are logged in, you can see the edit button on every comment. just press it and make the changes and save. that's it! :D

  24. I moderate all comments on my primary blog simply because i don't want to miss a comment my readers left. I let go linked signature, links to better posts. I don't wanna waste my time censoring comments. If it is spammy they go Akismeted.

  25. jom22,
    I am glad there's Akismet for us. It caught more than 20,000 spams for me. Imagine having to delete or mark them all as spam manually!

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