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Do you edit old posts?

  1. I've been looking back at some old posts and definitely see some that need improving. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to edit them, though.

    On one hand, I want my blog to be as good as I can make it. On the other hand, it's kind of fun to see the progress I've made since that first post. So far the only edits I've made have been spelling or grammatical errors.

    Your thoughts on editing old posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I edit mistakes if I see them. I actually considered precisely that issue for my particular blog here:

    For reasons which I state in that post, I do not change the actual tone or content.

    But I happen to be referring to an old post for any reason (perhaps I want to link to something I previosuly published by have to find it first) and I see a typo I missed - YEP - I fix those!

  3. I actually edit old posts. Especially when I read back and find the pile of Grammatical Horrors I made, and rewrite them immediately.

    I think bloggers should go edit old posts, because by my experience, people still go back to earlier posts, regardless of how old they are. So its best to make sure they're very presentable. And I happen to do what @teamoyeniyi above said and make referrals to old blogs because my posts are usually connected.

  4. I edit old posts, mainly to correct errors. Some of my early travel posts were far too long, so I've split them up. I am a perfectionist, so I want my old posts to look as good as my new posts. Plus I do link back to old posts as well.

  5. You guys have good reasons for doing it - and if my blog was like yours, I would! But mine is for a purpose: I risk destroying the purpose if I edit old posts.

  6. I also edit my mistakes in old post when I spotted it. The first years I started using English had so many posts with grammatical errors

  7. Thanks everybody.

    I definitely understand editing for grammar and spelling, but I was talking more about rewrites. Normally, when I write, there are several drafts before I get to a "Final Copy." The nature of blogging is different, as I try to post five times a week and don't have the time to do multiple drafts.

    Really, my blog is kind of writing practice and there is a possibility of posts being used as writing samples for other projects. In that case, revision is probably a good idea.

    @teamoyeniyi I understand why you don't rewrite. Each post represents how you were feeling on a particular day in your fight. It's an excellent idea to leave them alone.

  8. @momfog
    Hello there. :) I edit to add updated information to my posts in my blogging tips blog. If I spot grammatical errors or spelling errors I edit to correct them.

  9. I do edit if I see grammatical or spelling errors.

    I did change the date of a published post for a blog of which I am a team writer.
    Never going to do that again, because it caused an error message when one tried to search for the article.

    I had updated the article and so changed the date ...going forward.
    Nope. Never again.

    I have added a resource link to something that I had published later, on a similar topic at the end of an older article that I blogged.

  10. Consistently editing old posts is probably not a great idea. It repeatedly pings search engines and, if the changes are minor, you could be risking looking spammy. And literally no-one of any sophistication expects blog posts to be letter-perfect.

    That said, if I'm liveblogging something I update it constantly and that doesn't seem to hurt me with Google for a newsy story.

  11. Oh, and there have been several reports from users that when you edit an old post an email goes out to all your subscribers. Subscribers have complained, some staff have denied it happened, then they said they were working on it, and now it's anyone's guess as to what happens.

  12. I've wondered about that. I'd hate to have subscribers getting a new email every time I make a subject agree with a verb.

    I think I'll leave it alone. It's "educational" to see the progression of the blog anyway.

    @raincoaster Thanks for the advice.

  13. Good question. I was wondering about just this issue. Thanks for all the replies. NB: I have suscribed to my own blogs - just to see what my susbscribers get. It helps me.

  14. yourdailybailey

    Man I sure hope that subscribers don't get an email with every edit. When I post my entries each day, I proofread before I push "publish" but I almost always find myself going back and reading and finding another mistake that I missed. Or I post but realized I forgot to choose the categories and tags. As a result when publishing, I'm almost always editting 1 or 2 more times shortly after. If subscribers are getting multiple emails for that, I'm probably really annoying people, and potentially losing on on some of my readers :(

  15. I'm subscribed to my own blog and I've never gotten an edited post email. So I guess they don't go out. Of course, I don't subscribe to the RSS feed. Not sure about that one...

  16. Glad to hear that - I too was a little worried! I'm in Yourdailybailey's camp. A tweak here, a touchup there.....

  17. No, subscribers don't receive an email every time you edit an old post! That would be ridiculous. I have recently chopped up some old posts, so the subscribers only receive an email for the 'new' post (the second half). As they are old I figure most subscribers wouldn't have read them first time. If they have then I apologise!

    momfog - why did you subscribe to your own blog? I was thinking about subscribing to mine, but thought against it as I'm not sure if I want that kind of commitment...

  18. Yes, it is ridiculous. That's why people who report it are so angry.

  19. @stewiejit I subscribed to my blog the first day I started so I would have someone reading it on a regular basis. I've since unsubscribed because the constant emails were a bitch.

  20. Raincoaster - it doesn't happen. I work with someone who subscribes and she would tell me if she received a new email everytime I edited an old post.

    momfog - you subscribed on the first day? Bit keen if you ask me.

  21. I'm wondering if it depends what the edit is, @raincoaster. What if an author edited the title of the post and the permalink? Or changes the date published?

    Perhaps some edits send out emails again and some don't.

    Might be interesting to test.......

  22. Yes, but for me it is essential, as I wish to copyright and publish said content, I always have to quadruple check each piece for its optimal potency of expression, but I try to maintain all but any minor spelling/grammatical changes if I do edit anything that has received good feedback despite my perfectionist oversights, sometimes I correct the version on my hardrive, and let the WordPress copy be what it has been.... for nostalgias sake I guess

  23. @authorjdhughes I'm a perfectionist as well. That's why I've decided not to read over old posts. Some of them make me cringe. Now the only edits I make is to link to a later post if they are relevant. I figure that's worth the time, since it may keep people on the blog longer.

    I don't know that I plan on publishing my content but like I said before, they could be used as sample submissions, assuming I ever take that plunge. As it's unlikely I'll instruct someone to "visit my blog" in lieu of sending a hard copy or email, I can do the edits on another platform.

  24. Slightly off-topic, but authorjdhughes has just made me think of something. I have NO copy of my site on my hard drive. I just always type into WP. I mean, it was just therapy in the beginning......

    I'm figuring I should start extracting it to word or something sensible.

    Does anyone know I can I convert the Export file to Word?

  25. stewiejt my time is to valuable to spend making shit up. People have reported it several times. It may or may not be theme related, but it HAS happened.

  26. no, keep them the way they are

  27. I only edit grammatical mistakes, if I ever find the need to change the facts presented in an article or an error is found, I think an editor's note should be left.

  28. Just my two cents, I dont edit old posts, my writing has come a long way since then and it would be overwhelming old posts.

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