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Do you feel the lagness of writing post?

  1. Do you feel the laggyness of creating post? Especially inserting links and images...Its painfully slow and lags my whole browser. Is it the new update to wordpress?

  2. I'm not experiencing any slowness whatsoever. Have you tried refreshing your browser, logging out, clearing your cookies and cache and signing in again?

  3. Where in the process is the lag occuring? When you click on the publish button? If that is where it is occuring, that's usually because the software is trying to send out those trackback pings and it's getting hung up in that process. Usually from another server that doesn't answer right away.

    Not a whole lot you can do about the issue except for not send the pings. Dashboard -> Options -> General I believe -> Uncheck the "Send trackbacks" option.

    I'd only do that as a last resort though. Kind of defeats the purpose of a blog.

  4. The Tiny MCE popup is a bit slow, although no more than usual lately. It varies, however, with the browser: Firefox is a lot faster than IE, for instance.

  5. "Can you feel the lag tonight
    In Tiny MCE
    Told you that you should use Firefox
    Not Microsoft IE"

    Elton John and Tim Rice have a lot to answer for...

  6. i noticed that whenever i insert a new image, it auto-saved once and so when i insert 10 it lagged 10 times..painfully slow. Im using firefox. ^^

    Tiny MCE popup is slow, if i were to edit images bulk times, editing through the codes may be faster sometimes...

  7. how come some of the advanced toolbar buttons are missing...?

  8. Could you be more specific?

    Sometimes the icon toolbar doesn't load at all for me, if I'm using IE on a very slow connection. Try refreshing the page and report back.

  9. Icon 16 isn't missing for me when using firefox
    I do know that if and when it the toolbar disappears the following can bring it back
    IE - Alt V
    FF - Shift Alt V

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