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Do you guys know any GOOD forums?....

  1. Let me know if you do!

  2. You mean, not like this one?

  3. What's wrong with this one? We've got puppies that look like humans, racists against racism, sex toys, what more could you possibly want????

  4. Penguins!

  5. What about slaughtering them?

  6. Huh, Baba? Slaughtering the penguins, or the forums?

    (Slaughtering penguins would just be a waste unless "rancid anchovy" is your favorite flavor.)

  7. I prefer to hang out in crap forums. More fun that way.

  8. You guys are funny! :)

  9. Forums ABOUT goodness? Try the Vatican.

  10. Or maybe the o.p. is referencing an acronym: "Google Online Optimization Debriefers," or "Gung-ho Optometrists Opposing Dimorphism"?

  11. I didn't know the Vatican had forums. I thought we Catholics didn't really want to hear what anyone else had to say.

    *snigger and snort*

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