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Do you have problems logging in? - Updated

  1. This should be fixed in a few minutes

    Logins should be back as they were, you should not be logged out constantly.


    I apologise for this, we accidentally broke something.

    1. If your name had capital letters, try all lowercase letters.

    2. If you can, clear your browser cache and cookies.

    3. If you have another browser please also try that.

    Sorry this happened.

  2. universalgeni2

    I have done all that. I can't get in. I had to make this double profile just to answer...

  3. Thanks for the post Mark. P.S. Thanks for the help in the Chat.

  4. universalgeni2

    The trouble is, that people can't answer. They can't get in! :-D)))

  5. Sorry - this will be fixed as soon as possible.

  6. universalgeni2

    Thank you. Hope it will be all right...

  7. I can log in, but checking the "remember me" button has no effect. As soon as I close my browser, I'm no longer logged in.

  8. Could not login with explorer, rest password, same result.
    Having same problem, submitted e-mail to support since I could not login here, with explorer, Firefox did log me in FWIW. So look forward to the explorer fix.

  9. had problems as well...glad I found this post :-) worked with using lower case letters...

    good luck on fixing the problem :-)

  10. Each time I go to my blog using Firefox, I have to go back to WordPress to let my blog know I am in administrator of my blog. I do not have this problem in IE. For a while, I simply couldn't see the graphics when I went to blog stats, but now I don't have any of the admin tabs at the top of my blog as I used to.

    I have done a number of recent fixes, including clearing my Firefox cache each time. For some reason, Firefox is not saving the cookies from or my blog whenever I shut down Firefox. I have never had this problem until about two weeks ago. I have removed NoScript, and several other anti-bot software add-ons, to no effect.



  11. dharmanarchist

    I have no problems logging in (so far), but the remember me option is not, well, remembering me.

  12. WordPress forgets who I am, tells me the password is wrong first time and then accepts it the second, and tells me I need cookies enabled (they are – for WordPress).

    I've tried both Firefox (Mac, and Safari (3.0.4), but despite clearing the cache, deleting WordPress cookies and quitting both browsers then reopening, the problems persist.

  13. maybe they're having another bash at implementing SSL?

  14. I´m just having problem with remember-me, lucky for my its not my browser fault... i hope it will be fixed soon!

  15. The "remember me" option...doesn't.

  16. It's working for me now--thanks!
    (firefox, Mac OSX 10.5)

  17. It's still happening to me. Firefox and Safari, Mac 10.4.11

  18. Remember me Working again! Firefox, Winxp sp2

  19. Ok, we'll see if I stay logged in this time. It isn't so much that I had problems logging in, as I had problems staying logged in, even with "Remember Me" checked.

  20. What just happened?
    Not that I was in it I just wanted to know if it was some kind of bug, glinch, trojan horse...?

  21. I had problem of not being automatically logged in all of yesterday (Europe time) across 3 different computers, but it now seems to be remembering my log-in correctly.

  22. Ummm... What just happened?
    I remember before newtoamac There was 3 posts after my post
    Is this another bug, glinch, trojan horse...?

  23. All fixed here. Thanks.

  24. I can login at wordpress but the admin tabs are not displaying on my blog. Once I log in and add a new post it does not appear on the blog. It appears on this earlier-version-not-the-finished-design version of my blog. I hope that makes sense. I.e. when I add a new post and then ask "view site" it gives me my blog but in its very early incarnation. The colours are not right, there's only one other post (the very first one) and all menu content is up the creek. How soon is this going to be fixed?

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