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do you have some fun and cute blogs?

  1. please answer . because i want to follow a blog with the same interest of me. im stating a new blog you can follow me at

  2. Not sure what you mean by cute and fun? But I do some silly stuff, art stuff. ..kind of all over the map with play and work in progress.

  3. At first Have a warm welcome to Wrordpress world.
    Nice start you have. I'll publish a post about kids tomorrow too. Hope you'll find that one nice and cute :)

  4. No, mine is dull as dishwater and hideous. Ask anyone.

  5. I don't think people would say my blog is cute but it has colours? I hope it's funny and fun.
    Oh god.
    I hope it IS funny, fun, colourful and cute now... :O

  6. *Sigh* Mine is boring and ugly.

  7. I've got a creative little blog on a photgraphy journey through eyes. :)

  8. Mine's scary.

  9. I wouldn't call mine cute. Lol...I'm past that.

  10. Hi Miel, your son is really cute. I am following your blog now. About a week ago, I started a Blog about "fascinating animals". It might have some cute-ness in it for you, such as the "Baby Animal Names". Maybe you will be interested in the "Animal Taxonomy" thread, which is an original article I wrote, which has a fun element to it, as well as being scientific. Just click on my User name to go to my blog, if you want to check it out.

    Best wishes to you and your family, Celine

  11. Hi.
    Although I am neither fun nor cute, my poetry blog is.

  12. thanks for those replies. sorry if i lost my attention to this topic. i just want to know more about blogging here at wordpress. as i see many bloggers here were posting much words i mean they do alot of text post, i guess thats why it's WORDpress. well i dont do text postings i post a lot of pictures of my baby. i really do belong on tumblr because my blog is a sample of a photo blog but then im with wordpress too because there is a big difference between wordpress and tumblr. its just that i cant communicate much with other bloggers on tumblr unlike here they provide forums that may help bloggers to communicate more about certain topics.

  13. By the way i already followed the blogs of those who posted their URL's. And thanks for the warm welcome . Hope you follow back. I will try to create a text post soon . But to confess this guys, i really hate writing. But i really need to love it.. Thanks a lot! :)

  14. Mine is Aaron Cohen Photography, photography of all kinds, for all ages.

  15. Sure, mine's cute. In a 'I'mma rip out your eyes and stuff them in my socks' kind of way.

  16. Mine causes too many divorces to be fun. But it is cute.

  17. Really actually even me I don't know what fun and cute blog is I'm talking about. Maybe I'm just asking about the blogs that tackles about fun and cute things because as I observed many of the bloggers on wordpress are tackling about serious matters just like news. Its not interesting for me that's why I'm searching for a blog type that is just like mine. Haha do you find my blog as nonsense? Boring or whatever?

  18. Would you have the heart to check out my blog and tell me if it's cute? haha! kidding. But no, seriously. ^_^

    This is How I Roll.

    thanks! :)

  19. auz lng po..@ailacruz

  20. happinessisnotadisease

    So you're a Filipino! Kababayan! Hahaha.. >:D<

  21. biancaisabella
    Member ..i hope there's some romainan bloggers over there :p

  22. I think mine is fairly cute and fun in its way, but I somehow doubt everyone will agree. But adult content can be cute too!

  23. Depends what you mean by fun and cute. My blog is gay romance stories and some are definitely cute. :)

  24. Hey guys!

    I blog about everything really - life. Not mine in particular just things I feel we all go through! Check it out! I'm looking for fellow teenage blogs to follow so please continue to post!

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