Do you have to ask permission to post a link?

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    Hi, I’m new to blogging so this might seem like a stupid question, but if you want to post a link on your blog to another website (for example, to a newspaper article) do you have to ask permission before posting the link? Thanks.



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    Should not need to ask if all it you do is have a link, you can have a reason why to go to the link if you want. Taking an entire article link or no is generally a no-no.

    Most sites like the link to their site, helps to send them more traffic.

    It is good to give credit to others if you are referring to their article.



    Thanks for responding.

    “Taking an entire article link…is generally a no-no” – so it’s not acceptable to link to an article? Say, for example, I wanted to link to a particular article in the NY Times, would that be ok or would I have to just link to the main NY Times homepage? If that’s the case, then it’s a bit restrictive…



    I don’t think there is any reason not to link to an article. I don’t really understand the comment “Taking an entire article link or no is generally a no-no”, but I think what auxclass is saying is that it is acceptable to give a description or abstract of an article with a link as in

    “This is an article about a museum that debunks claims that the lunar landing was a hoax:
    What moon-landing hoax?

    It would not be acceptable to copy and paste the whole article and follow it by a link to the original.



    Thanks @tandava108 for fixing my typo’s



    Thank you both, I see what you mean. I would never post someone else’s whole article on my blog but it’s good to know that links to articles are fine.

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